Vacuum Suction Ball Is Divided Into 5 Types

  Vacuum suction ball is divided into 5 types, color black, white, red these 3 colors, one molding, pure silicone production, elastic stability, through the vacuum suction ball glass screen and other products convenient without printing, greatly improve work efficiency, dirty or deformation, please use neutral detergent cleaning, clean after cleaning, put in warm water soak for about 5 minutes, dry and then use.

  Vacuum suction ball, mainly divided into suction ball round head, suction ball column, suction ball plate and other structures. It is made of silicone rubber material oil. Vacuum suction Ball can also play the role of anti-static security protection, through the manual vacuum suction ball to absorb the LED screen lens, mobile phone screen lenses, small glass, and so on, to a large extent, reduce the human finger directly to the product contact, greatly improve work efficiency.

  Characteristics of vacuum suction ball

  1: high-quality Imports of high tear-resistant silicone production, no marks, feel good, long life, suction super strong.

  2: Through the vacuum suction ball to take glass screen and other products convenient without leaving the mark, the color is black/white/red.

  3: Strong adsorption, can be reused, no nails, can be exported to the United States, Japan, the Middle East and other countries.