Skeleton Oil Seal Is A Typical Representative Of The Oil Seal

  Skeleton oil seal is a typical representative of the oil seal, the oil seal that is generally refers to the skeleton oil seal. The role of the oil seal is generally the need for lubrication parts of the transmission components and the output components of isolation, and will not let the oil leakage. The skeleton acts as a reinforcing bar inside a concrete component and acts as a reinforcement and keeps the oil seal in shape and tension. According to the structure can be divided into single lip skeleton oil seal and double lip skeleton oil seal. Double lips skeleton oil seal of the vice lips from the dust effect, to prevent the outside of the dust, impurities, etc. into the machine inside. According to the skeleton type can be divided into within the package skeleton oil seal, exposed skeleton oil seal and assembly type oil seal. According to the working conditions can be divided into rotating skeleton oil seal and reciprocating skeleton oil seal. For the gasoline engine crankshaft, diesel engine crankshaft, gearbox, differential, shock absorbers, engines, axles and other parts.

  Skeletal oil seal structure has three parts: oil seal body, strengthen the skeleton and self-tightening coil spring. Seal in accordance with different parts are divided into the bottom, waist, edge and sealing lip and so on. Usually, in the free state of the skeleton oil seal, its inner diameter than the shaft diameter is small, that has a certain "interference".

  Therefore, when the oil seal into the oil seal and the shaft, the pressure of the oil seal and the tightening force of the self-tightening coil spring to produce a certain radial force on the shaft, after a period of time to run, the pressure will quickly reduce or even disappear , Therefore, with the spring can be compensated at any time self-tightening oil seal.