PJG&PBG 1.5 Bellows Silicone Rubber Suction Cups

PJG&PBG 1.5 Bellows Silicone Rubber Suction Cups
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PJG & PBG 1.5 Bellows Silicone Rubber suction cups

1.Material: SIL  VMQ  NBR  NR  etc

2.Duro/Hardness: 30-60 Shore A

3.Size: Many different disc diameter from 2mm to 150mm


     1) PJG-4,PJG-6,PJG-8,PJG-10,PJG-15,PJG-20,PJG-25,PJG-30,PJG-35,PJG-40,PJG-50,PJG-60,PJG-70,  PJG-80

    2) PBG-10,PBG-15,PBG-20,PBG-30,PBG-40,PBG-50,PBG-75,PBG-110,PBG-150

5.Color: any colors

6.Performance Requirements: Anti-static, High/Low temperature resistance, Ozone resistance, weathering resistance, FDA etc compound available

7.Application: Robot, fittings, automation equipment and industry accessories.

8.Certification:ISO9001:2008  FDA  ROHS  REACH

9.Supporting Documents: FMEA  Control Plan  Test Report etc.

10.Advantages: advanced CNC lathe machine; compression and injection molding; Automatic Oven; SH-A hardness tester; Projector; Automatic Deflash Machine; Spray Machine etc. Professional engineers with many years Rubber manufacture experience.

11.Lead Time: A: Prototype mold, usually in 7 days;

B: Mass production mold, usually in 2~3 weeks.

For detailed dimension drawing, please contact us